Learn to create quality videos and photos without stress and overwhelm

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Take and edit better photos


My online course for bloggers, creative entrepreneurs and photographers who want better photos now (without having to learn Photoshop) - this course makes good use of the "smart" in "smartphone".

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Edit videos on iPhone (iMovie in depth)

100min of training

In this hands-on-training you learn how to edit videos, add texts, add videos on top of your main video, picture in picture, add your intro-logo-animation, and so much more. All on your iPhone - so you'll save tons of time and money while still getting good looking and good sounding results.
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Logo and intro animation

89 min of training

How to create 3 types of intro animations for your videos & vlogs using only free tools on Mac /Win(!)  This training is hands-on for beginners who want their videos to reflect their company's branding and design through animations.
You don't have to outsource to expensive freelancers.


Download a list of my recommended, easy-to-use, free (and low cost) software-tools, cameras, microphones, lights, etc that help you create better creative content like videos, photos, graphics, ebooks, screen recordings and more without getting overwhelmed.

 Adobe Creative Cloud is awesome, but unless you want to become a graphic / web designer, photographer or film maker it is not the place to start for you as a creative small business owner / course creator. Know what to invest in (and what not to).




How do real clients like working with me?
"We have enjoyed receiving iPhone video production training over a longer period of time by Tobias. Additionally at those occations where we have hired Tobias to produce videos for us, we were delighted at the high professional quality, the good price and of course on time delivery."
"I have spend two hours talking with Tobias on Skype and it helped me to get things done on my website quickly. I didn't have to sit and figure things out by myself and I saved so much time. He is kind and focused and has great knowledge of a wide range of video/web/design related topics. I highly recommend him."
"Tobias was a valuable member of the team for our last video assignment/event and somebody that I will use again on large scale  productions. Tobias was reliable, had great communication, good planning skills and was a hard working member of the team."

Above are just some of my daily street art Instagram photos



VideoPhotoTeacher, Speaker, Creative

I love to learn and I love to teach about simplifying video, photo and online business for entrepreneurs, ministries and creatives.

I believe in being yourself, being alive and that we are all uniquely different yet fully embraced by God (and therefore should embrace others).

I'm a recovering perfectionist and maybe a little bit too crazy for music, great conversations (with real people, not refering to online marketing here) and good style coming from the heart (being superficial is for cowards)

Also I believe that one (wo)man with a laptop, phone and camera can change the world. (I have spent years as a media-music-youthworker and am still working on that changing the world part)


Learn to create quality videos and photos without stress and overwhelm

I can teach you 1-on-1 (via Skype/Facebook video call) and provide a growing membership archive of in-depth online training webinars.